Sternberg Clinic wishes Good Luck to Janelle and Bob!

The Sternberg Clinic is sadly saying good bye to two of it’s clinician – Bob Brown and Janelle Nancarrow.


Bob Brown, Clinical Psychologist, is retiring from clinical practice.  Bob has been a stalwart of clinical practice in Bendigo for decades and has been involved not only in the individual care of many but has had an important role in mental health service development in Bendigo and the Loddon Mallee region.  His skills will be sadly missed.


Janelle Nancarrow, Psychologist, is leaving the clinic taking maternity leave.  We will miss her presence in the clinic and I hope that she may consider returning at some time in the future.  She will, of course, have plenty on her hands with her new adventure in life!


So I  thank them for both all there involvement at the Sternberg Clinic and wish them the best of luck in the future!

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