This is an audiovisual web-based psychiatry service.

The RANZCP supports the use of telepsychiatry, especially in rural and remote areas, as the care delivered is equal to that of face-to-face care. There are many services that provide the technology that can be used for telehealth such as Coviu,, and Zoom.

Coviu Telehealth Provider

Coviu is being used as a video conferencing provider for Dr Scott Eaton.   Coviu has been developed specifically for medical teleconferencing and privacy and confidentiality are core values of the service.  This is unlike some of the more popular services available.  Coviu suggest using Google Chrome as your browser for optimum performance.

Coviu has dedicated ‘rooms’ for healthcare providers.  Patients can be invited to the room via a link.  A patient visiting the link will be placed in a ‘waiting room’ until they are collected by the healthcare provider.

Dr Eaton’s  link is

A visual step-by step guide for a patient visiting the Coviu room can be found here.