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Sternberg Clinic
47 Sternberg Clinic, Bendigo

The Sternberg Clinic is proud to announce the launch of a website
this week to assist patients, carers and clinicians.  The clinic is proud of it’s history delivering psychology and counselling to the Bendigo public.

The clinic has been delivering mental health care to the residents of Bendigo and regional Victoria for over 7 years now.  Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists have strived to deliver optimal mental health care to Bendigo and the region over that time.   This year has seen a number of positive changes for the clinic including the expansion of the practice of Psychologist Anne Finlayson Smith and the establishment of a private practice by Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Ajit Emmanuel FRANZCP.  This has increased our ability to treat a wide variety of psychology disorders including depression, anxiety, stress, couples problems and more severe mental illness such as bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia.

The production of the website has been a further step in the development of the Sternberg Clinic.  It gives an open window on to the Sternberg Clinic from Bendigo and beyond.  We hope Bendigo psychology will improve further with the addition of the Sternberg Clinic website.  We hope to have an informed voice on developments in the mental health field both in treatments and management of disorders.

The Sternberg Clinic has also developed a Facebook page and Twitter account to assist in the passage of information from the clinic to the public.

The Sternberg Clinic site aims to deliver “easy to understand” information about the clinic, the services it delivers and the clinicians that work there. Our gallery introduces the facilities available at the clinic making the environment more familiar to new arrivals. The “blog feature” allows a free reign to add and update information.  It will be easy to add more information about therapies, service changes, clinicians and general information whenever it is necessary.  There is, of course, a useful links section.  We have limited our links to outside agencies to high quality sites that are of great value to users of our site.

In all the Sternberg Clinic aims to give a premium service to clients and carers who have suffered from the troubles of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, general stress or an inability to cope.  The clinicians with their varied skills in psychiatry, psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness meditation, family therapy and other psychotherapies utilise these in that task.   I hope the website will be further helpful to all those that use it.

Dr Scott Eaton
Sternberg Clinic.

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