Geraldene Mackay

Dr Geraldene Mackay is a Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience in evidenced based psychotherapy. Geraldene specialises helping people with psychological issues associated with, chronic illness, ageing, caring for a loved one and cancer survivorship.

Worries about illness and death for yourself or a loved one can impact on everyday experiences of thinking and feeling and limit the experiences of joy that are available.  Research shows that a diagnosis of physical illness in older people can trigger depression.

Geraldene is pleased to see people from the LGBTI community.  Every person is unique in their ageing and/or illness but people from the LGBTI community have often faced discrimination, stigma or family rejection that can impact on social connectedness, thought and feelings.

Geraldene has been trusted to provide training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mental health to allied health professionals for over a decade including lecturing in universities, within mental health teams and through her professional organisation.

Geraldene believes that psychotherapy can help people empower themselves so that they can maximise joy in difficult times.